Victor Gligor

upload/upload_Summer Memories_JPG
Summer Memories .Oil.8x10.$525
Night Montmartre .Acrylic.24x24.$1395

upload/upload_Pacific Vista_ Acrylic_ 15x30_JPG
Pacific Vista .Oil.15x30.$1450

upload/Sunset in the valley.JPG
Sunset in the Valley .Oil.9x12.$525
upload/Capilano Canyon 20x16.JPG
Capilano Canyon .Acrylic.20x16.$850
upload/Late Fall 24x18 in.jpg
Late Fall .Acrylic.24x18.$1095
upload/Road to Scani Acrylic 12x16.jpg
Road to Tuscany .Acrylic.12x16.$650
upload/Crashing Waves 36x18 in.jpg
Crashing Waves .Acrylic.36x18.$1600
upload/Summer Sunset 12x16.JPG
Summer Sunset .Acrylic.12x16.$650
upload/Riverside 12x24.jpg
Riverside .Oil.12x24.$895
upload/Crashing Waves 18x36 in.JPG
Crashing Waves II .Acrylic.18x36.$1600
upload/The Bridge Acrylic 20x16.jpg
The Bridge .Acrylic.20x16.$850

  Victor Gligor

Victor Gligor

Victor Gligor was born in Bucharest, Romania. At the age of five his family moved to Sibiu, where he grew up and was educated. Sibiu is one of the most beautiful cities of Transylvania which is located in center of Romania.

Victor discovered quite early his talent for painting and enrolled himself in the School of Art in town, excited at becoming a future artist. Seeing the artists struggling in that particular social-economic climate, the family decided it was better for the junior artist to pursue a career in science. This was the start of an engineering education and practice for over 25 years in Romania, Germany and Canada.

Victor never lost his passion for painting and the nature of the landscapes sealed in his soul the spiritual values that emerge into his artwork.

As art history shows, in many cases the combination of an artistic and scientific mind can be beneficial. In 1987 while working as a young engineer in his country of origin, Victor started an art club to promote the artistic talents within the company.

After he came to Canada in 1992, Victor continued to paint discovering the unique Western landscape.

Victor Gligor is represented by the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery. He is a member of Garibaldi Art Club in Maple Ridge and the Federation of Canadian Artists.

9054 Glover Road, Box 760, Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada V1M 2S2
604-882-1191 E-mail:
Open daily 11:00 am to 5:00 pm or by appointment

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