Susan Rind

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Susan Rind Jewelry

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Susan Rind Jewelry

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Susan Rind Jewelry

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Susan Rind Jewelry

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Susan Rind Jewelry

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Susan Rind Jewelry

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Susan at Birthplace of B.C. Gallery

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Barbados Day at Gallery

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Susan with Sky Phoenix at Demos 2014

     Susan Rind

Susan Rind

Susan Rind is a Canadian designer who grew up with a fascination for style and design. Susan's artistic journey began twenty years ago while she was a new stay at home mom. She embraced the entrepreneurial spirit and began her little home based business with a stargazer attitude. Creating unique and interesting art pieces is Susan's passion and focus. Her primary source of inspiration is nature.

Susan was challenged by the ever-changing colour trends in fashion until she discovered creating "lampwork" glass beads. Through this medium, she is able to create any combination of colour to fit any fashion season. Ten years later, and many hours of practicing and refining her technique, she has developed a style that is truly her own which allows her to have unlimited possibilities.

Susan utilizes only the highest quality materials when designing her arts pieces - Sterling Silver, semi-precious stones, and CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski Elements. From classic to quirky, her creations represent the diversity in fashion today.

Susan's creations have been featured in locations such as New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Montreal. In the past, her creations have been in featured in stores such as Nordstrom and Coldwater Creek.

The jewelry art of Susan Rind is available at the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery. Susan is also a regular participant in the Gallery’s annual “Demos in the Garden”.

9054 Glover Road, Box 760, Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada V1M 2S2
604-882-1191 E-mail:
Open daily 11:00 am to 5:00 pm or by appointment

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