Margo Harrison

upload/Salmon Hand Left 20x16.JPG
Salmon Hand Left .Acrylic.20x16.$750

upload/upload_Golden 16x16 Acrylic_jpeg
Golden .Acrylic.16x16.$375

upload/upload_Dawn at the CN Station_jpg
Dawn at the CN Station .Acrylic.11x14.$525

upload/upload_Fort Langley Trapper 8x10 Acrylic_jpg
Fort Langley Trapper` .Acrylic.8x10.$450
upload/upload_Shine 20x30 Acrylic on Paper_jpeg
Shine .Acrylic on P.20x30.$1200

upload/RAVEN IN HAND 20 x16 acrylic $750.JPG
Raven in Hand .Acrylic.20x16.$750

upload/upload_Shining Down 12x18 Watercolour_jpeg
Shining Down .Watercolour.12x18.$695

upload/upload_Golden 16x16 Acrylic_jpeg
Golden .Acrylic.16x16.$375

upload/RAVENs SUN 16x16 acrylic $650.JPG
Raven's Sun .Acrylic.16x16.$650
upload/EYE OF THE EAGLE Acrylic 14x11.JPG
Eye of the Eagle .Acrylic.14x11.$425

upload/EAGLE IN HAND 20x16 acrylic $750.JPG
Eagle in Hand .Acrylic.20x16.$750

upload/Salmon Hand Right 20x16.JPG
Samon Hand Right .Acrylic.20x16.$750

upload/upload_House Pole Detail 14 x 11 Acrylic_jpeg
House Pole Detail .Acrylic.14x11.$525

upload/Eye of the Bear Acrylic 11x21.JPG
Eye of the Bear .Acrylic.11x21.$760

upload/BEAVER PANEL DETAIL 4 acrylic 14x11.JPG
Beaver Panel Detail 4 .Acrylic.14x11.$425

upload/Bedford Channel Photo.JPG
Bedford Channel .Photograph.8x11.5.$95

upload/upload_Sunset at the Station_jpg
Autumn Sunset at the Station .Acrylic.11x14.$525

upload/BEAVER PANEL DETAIL 5 acrylic 14x11.JPG
Beaver Panel Detail 5 .Acrylic.14x11.$425
upload/Orca Duo Mixed Media 2 - 10x14s.jpg
Orca Duo .Acrylic/MixM.20x14.$795
upload/Frog and Hand 10x8.JPG
Frog and Hand .Acrylic.10x8.$195

upload/Beaver Panel Detail 1.JPG
Beaver Panel Detail 1 .Acrylic/MixM.10x8.$325

upload/Two Hands 10x8.JPG
Two Hands .Acrylic.108x.$195

upload/TLINGIT TOTEM FACE 1 watercolour 12x13.JPG
Tlingit Totem Face .Watercolour.14x13.$525

upload/TLINGIT TOTEM FACE 2 Watercolour 12 x 13.JPG
Tlingit Totem Face .Watercolour.13x12.$525
upload/Raven Hand 20x14.JPG
Raven Hand .Acrylic Mixe.20x14.$795

upload/14 Cat Sculptures July17,2009.JPG
Cat Sculptures .Clay&Acrylic
upload/Weathered Eagle 16x12 in.jpg
Weathered Eagle .Acrylic/MixM.16x12.$525
upload/Feather in Hand 8 X10 relief-carved acrylic 225.JPG
Feather in Hand .Acrylic.10x8.$225

upload/Eye of the Bear 2 Acrylic 8x10.JPG
Eye of the Bear 2 .Acrylic.10x8.$325
upload/Raven s Eye II 12x12.jpg
Raven's Eye II .Acrylic.12x12.$425
upload/Skidigate Bear 2.JPG
Skidigate Bear 2 .Acrylic/MixM.24x12.$695

upload/Weathered Frog 2 Acrylic 8x10.JPG
Weathered Frog II .Acrylic.8x10.$325
upload/Wolf s Eye 12x12.jpg
Wolf's Eye .Acrylic.12x12.$425
upload/Chief with Frog 1 22x14 in.JPG
Chief with Frog 1 .Acrylic.22x14.$895
upload/Chief with Frog 2 22x14 in.JPG
Chief with Frog 11 .Acrylic.22x14.$895
upload/Frog and Bear 24x12.JPG
Frog and Bear .Acrylic.24x12.$695
upload/Blue Point Siamese Theo.JPG
Blue Point Siamese .Clay Sculptu.$425

upload/Moss and Ferns 2 Acrylic 14x11.jpg
Moss and Ferns 1 - Fort to Fort Trail .Acrylic.14x11.$525

upload/Moss and Ferns 1 Acrylic 14x11.jpg
Moss and Ferns 2 - Fort to Fort Trail .Acrylic.14x11.$525
upload/Salmon Egg In Hand 8 X10 relief-carved acrylic 225.JPG
Salmon Egg in Hand .Acrylic.8x10.$225

 Margo Harrison

Margo Harrison

Born in 1945 in Vancouver, Margo was raised near Ladysmith on Vancouver Island. She majored in fine arts at the University of Victoria where she studied painting with Toni Onley and earned a Bachelor of Education degree.

Margo taught "Painting in the Parks" classes from 1967 to 1972 for the Federation of Canadian Artists. She was a teacher and art specialist in the Surrey School District for thirty-four years before retiring in 2002.

Margo began watercolour painting in 1985 and started sculpting clay "Comfort Cats" in 1998. She has been working in mixed media since 2004. She is fascinated and inspired by the spiritual and cultural contributions of our First Nations.

Research into the artwork of the Haida resulted in Margo creating panels depicting details from carvings on totems, bentwood boxes and chests. These paintings are acrylic/mixed media and ‘relief-carved’.

Margo explains “I tend to work in series, exploring an idea thoroughly before moving on. My paintings focus on light, shadows, shapes and textures as I narrow the field of vision on subjects such as totem poles and organic shapes. To provide a challenge and a pleasing balance, I sculpt life-size figures of sleeping cats out of clay.”

She says that she sees her future works “celebrating sunshine, uplifting spirits, calming frayed nerves and exploring different themes and media”. Her paintings, sculptures and photographs are shown at the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery.

9054 Glover Road, Box 760, Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada V1M 2S2
604-882-1191 E-mail:
Open daily 11:00 am to 5:00 pm or by appointment

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