Linda Muttitt

upload/upload_Demos in the Garden_ August_ 2015_JPG
Demos in the Garden, August, 2015 .Photo.5x7.$0

upload/upload__Always Soothing_ _ 10_5_ x 20_5__jpeg
Always Soothing .Watercolour.10.5x20.5.$1450

upload/upload__Savouring Spain_ _ 12_ x 15__jpeg
Savouring Spain .Watercolour.12x15.$1150

upload/When the Time is Right 11x17.JPG
When the Time is Right .Watercolour.11x17.$1150

upload/upload__King Apples_ _ A Study _ 7_ x 22__jpeg
King Apples .Watercolour.7x22.$575

upload/upload__Private Fishing Pool__jpeg
Private Fishing Pool .W/C.7x9.75.$595

upload/Wish Upon a Star 6x9 in.JPG
Wish Upon a Star .Watercolour.6x9.$425
upload/Great Blues 12x18.5 in.JPG
Great Blues .Watercolour.19x12.$1125

upload/upload__Mussel Bound__jpeg
Mussel Bound .W/C.16.5x29.$1895
upload/upload__Precious Spirit_ _ __ x 9 1_2__jpg
Precious Spirit .Watercolour.9.5x.$695
upload/Strolling 9.5x10 in.JPG
Strolling .Watercolour.10x10.$595
upload/Exhilaration 20x40.JPG
Exhilaration .Watercolour.20x40.$3495
upload/Protected Shoreline 15x29.JPG
Protected Shoreline .Watercolour.15x29.$2350
upload/upload__Snack Bar__jpeg
Snack Bar .W/C.9x9.$595

upload/After-Grazing 7x10.JPG
After Grazing .Watercolour.$$450
Treasure .W/C.7.5x9.75.$750
upload/Waiting for the Feeder 8.5 x 9.5.JPG
Waiting for the Feeder .Watercolour.9x10.$450
upload/Rounding the Bend 10x14.JPG
Rounding the Bend .Watercolour.10x14.$895
upload/upload__Ocean Welcomes the River In_ _ 18_ x 29__jpeg
Ocean Welcomes the River In .Watercolour.18x29.$2200
upload/upload__Always a Surprise___jpeg
Always a Surprise .W/C.8x9.$695
upload/Snack Time 6x 9.JPG
Snack Time .Watercolour.6x9.$425
Beckoning .Watercolour.$925
upload/May You Run Forever Wild 15x22.JPG
May You Run Forever Wild .Watercolour.15x22.$1575.00
upload/A Natural Beauty 7x9 in.JPG
A Natural Beauty .Watercolour.7x9.$595
upload/Fancy Footwork 1.JPG
Fancy Footwork #1 .Watercolour.$$495
upload/With Great Age Comes Great Beauty.JPG
With Great Age Comes Great Beauty .Watercolour.22x29.$1995
upload/A Breath of Fresh Air 11x14.JPG
A Breath of Fresh Air .Watercolour.11x14.$950
upload/Morning Fishing 12x16.JPG
Morning Fishing .Watercolour.16x12.$995
upload/Pure Gold 9 x 7.JPG
Pure Gold .Watercolour.9x7.$585
upload/Savouring the Tasty Bits 8x11.JPG
Savouring the Tasty Bits .Watercolour.8x11.$575

         Linda Muttitt 

Linda Muttitt

Linda Muttitt was born in Winnipeg and then moved to Labrador. She vividly recalls the visual impact the Newfoundland landscape had on her as a child. “The colours were both quiet and exuberant. It’s something I try to capture in my art.” She also lived in Alberta, and now resides with her husband in Fort Langley, British Columbia.

Linda has been working with watercolour for over twenty-five years, has been a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, and participated in numerous solo and group shows. She has taught at the Vancouver International College, Federation of Canadian Artists Studio, and at Simon Fraser University, where she was classified a ‘master teacher’. Linda is a highly acclaimed instructor, and has traveled throughout the province presenting workshops on creative journaling and the integration of nature and art. She teaches very popular watercolour courses that emphasize freeing the expressive spirit in each individual.

Linda has co-authored and illustrated the book, “Images”, and several on creative teaching techniques. She also worked as an educational consultant and illustrator with the National Film Board of Canada.

Linda’s watercolours embody a profound respect for heritage and nature. Recurring themes in her work include estuaries, woodlands, seashore, meditation stones, old barns and heritage teddy bears.” My hope is to encourage people to see things in new ways that inspire them to act and preserve what is of greatest value.”

Her paintings have shown at the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery since 1997.

9054 Glover Road, Box 760, Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada V1M 2S2
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Open daily 11:00 am to 5:00 pm or by appointment

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