Larry Tillyer

upload/upload_12x16 ankered at Gibson  harbour jpg_JPG
Ankered at Gibson Harbour .Acrylic.12x16.$650

upload/upload_20x16 west side gem jpg_JPG
West Side Gem .Acrylic.20x16.$1000

upload/upload_Working on the Fraser 12x16_JPG
Working on the Fraser .Acrylic.12x16.$650

upload/upload_12x16 sunday drive jpg_JPG
Sunday Drive .Acrylic.12x16.$650

upload/upload_20x16 Vancouver Strathcona jpg_JPG
Vancouver Strathcona .Acrylic.20x16.$1000

upload/upload_12x16 gibson harbour jpg_JPG
Gibson Harbour .Acrylic.12x16.$650

upload/upload_12x12 fun at the beach jpg_JPG
Fun at the Beach .Acrylic.12x12.$450

upload/upload_16x12 montmartre village jpg_JPG
Montmartre Village .Acrylic.16x12.$650

upload/upload_10x10 in the garden jpg_JPG
In the Garden .Acrylic.10x10.$350

upload/upload_16x20 red dresses jpg_JPG
Red Dresses .Acrylic.20x16.$1000
upload/upload_16x12  sunday drive on 8th ave jpg_JPG
Sunday Drive on 8th Avenue .Acrylic.12x16.$650

upload/upload_16x20 front garden jpg_JPG
Front Garden .Acrylic.20x16.$1000

upload/upload_10x10 the yellow dress jpg_JPG
The Yellow Dress .Acrylic.10x10.$350

upload/upload_CN Train Station _ Ft_ Langley 16x20_JPG
CN Train Station .Acrylic.16x20.$1000

upload/upload_Stroll in fort langley 16x20_JPG
Stoll in Fort Langley .Acrylic.16x20.$1000

upload/upload_12x12 threesome jpg_JPG
Threesome .Acrylic.12x12.$450

upload/upload_10x10 a walk outside jpg_JPG
A Walk Outside .Acrylic.10x10.$350

upload/upload_16x16 ring around the rosie jpg_JPG
Ring Around the Rosie .Acrylic.16x16.$525

upload/upload_14x18 my sister and I jpg_JPG
My Sister and I .Acrylic.18x14.$750

upload/upload_12x12 mom s calling jpg_JPG
Moms Calling .Acrylic.12x12.$450

upload/upload_12x12 too rough to sail jpg_JPG
Too Rough to Sail .Acrylic.12x12.$450

upload/upload_16x20 house on the bluff jpg_JPG
House on the Bluff .Acrylic.16x20.$1000

upload/upload_12x16 house in the country side jpg_JPG
House in the Country Side .Acrylic.12x16.$650

upload/upload_A good place to sit 20x16_JPG
A Good Place to Sit .Acrylic.20x16.$1000

upload/upload_11x14 3 having fun jpg_JPG
Having Fun .Acrylic.11x14.$400

upload/upload_12x12 seaside jpg_JPG
Seaside .Acrylic.12x12.$450
upload/upload_12x16 red tug jpg_JPG
Fraser River Tug .Acrylic.12x16.$650

upload/upload_St_ Andrews United Church 16x20_JPG
St. Andrews United Church .Acrylic.16x20.$1000

upload/upload_16x20 browsing in fort langley jpg_JPG
Browsing in Fort Langley .Acrylic.16x20.$1000

upload/upload_16x12 floral elegancejpg_JPG
Floral Elegance .Acrylic.12x16.$650

upload/upload_10x10 the red balloon jpg_JPG
The Red Balloon .Acrylic.10x10.$350

upload/upload_10x10 the red balloon jpg_JPG
The Red Balloon .Acrylic.10x10.$350

Larry Tillyer

Larry Tillyer’s interest has always been colour, light and emotion. Impressionism is his favourite style of painting for the way colour and light is understood and handled. Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Sorolla, Monet, Renoir and Sergent have all had an influence on Tillyer’s art. 

A native British Columbian, born in Victoria, Larry grew up in Vancouver. After a successful career in music, playing with the likes of Bill Haley & the Comets, Ivory Joe Hunter, Earl Bostic, Tommy Chong of Cheech & Chong and Gene Vincent, Larry started his journey as a self taught artist in 1987.  

After music, painting took over and has been his prime interest. A landscape, figure, plein air and genre painter in the impressionist style, Larry’s paintings are powerful studies that feature brilliant, pure colour, strong linear strokes, and expert use of light. He is a Signature Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and an active member of the Richmond Artist Guild. 

Tillyer’s paintings can be found at the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery in Fort Langley.

9054 Glover Road, Box 760, Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada V1M 2S2
604-882-1191 E-mail:
Open daily 11:00 am to 5:00 pm or by appointment

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