Janice Robertson

upload/upload_Island Dancer 30 x 40 Acrylic _5100_jpeg
Island Dancer .Acrylic.30x40.$5100

upload/upload_Early Moon_ Tofino_jpg
Early Moon, Tofino .Acrylic.24x30.$3160

Summerfield .Acrylic.8x10.$500

Surf & Sky 11 .Acrylic.24x36.$3600

upload/upload_Cool Waters_jpg
Cool Waters .Acrylic.24x18.$1945

upload/upload_One Mile Lake_jpg
One Mile Lake .Acrylic.16x20.$1600

upload/Wild Rose 12x9 in.jpg
Wild Rose .Acrylic.12x9.$800

upload/upload_Alta Lake Isles 12x16 1150_jpeg
Alta Lake Isles .Acrylic.12x16.$1150

upload/upload_Nestled in the Pines_jpeg
Nestled in the Pines .Acrylic.14x18.$1380

upload/upload_On the Strut 9x12   800_jpeg
On the Strut .Acrylic.9x12.$795

upload/upload_Raven 1 _ 11x14 Acrylic_jpeg
Raven 1 .Acrylic.11x14.$895
upload/In the Grove.JPG
In the Grove .Acrylic.11x14.$650

upload/Streaming to the Sea.JPG
Streaming to the Sea .Acrylic.16x20.$1600

upload/upload_Raven 11 _ 11x14 Acrylic_jpeg
Raven 11 .Acrylic.11x14.$895
upload/Grandma s Beach 24x36 Acrylic.JPG
Grandmas Beach .Acrylic.24x36.$3695
upload/upload_Breaking Through 17x18   1400_jpeg
Breaking Through .Acrylic.17x18.$1400
upload/upload_Bad Boys 16x26 Acrylic_jpeg
Bad Boys .Acrylic.16x26.$1900
upload/Sunbreak Gabriola.JPG
Sunbreak Gabriola .Acrylic.24x30.$3160
upload/upload_Tide Going Out _ The Gap_jpeg
Tide Going Out-The Gap .Acrylic.30x40.$5100
upload/Stones in the River 24x36 Acrylic.jpg
Stones in the River .Acrylic.24x36.$3475
Lancelot .Acrylic.8x8.$425
upload/Winterfall II 12x16 in.JPG
Winterfall II .Acrylic.16x12.$1150
upload/Sunny Trail (1).JPG
Sunny Trail .Acrylic.8x10.$640
upload/Salmon River Reflections 24x18 Oil.JPG
Salmon River Reflections .Acrylic.24x18.$1945
upload/Orange Tulips 24x24.JPG
Orange Tulips .Acrylic.24x24.$2400
upload/Whistler Rocks 24x24 Acrylic.JPG
Whistler Rocks .Acrylic.24x24.$2400

upload/Bean Around 8x8.JPG
Bean Around .Acrylic.8x8.$425

upload/Apple Trio.JPG
Apple Trio .Acrylic.8x8.$425

upload/Lean on Me 8x8.JPG
Lean on Me .Acrylic.8x8.$425
upload/Lynn Cayon Pool 11x14.jpg
Lynn Canyon Pool .Acrylic.11x14.$925

upload/Fruit on the Vine 14x11.jpg
Fruit on the Vine .Acrylic.14x11.$925
upload/Blue Crow 1.JPG
Blue Crow 1 .Acrylic.8x8.$425
upload/Blue Crow 2.JPG
Blue Crow 2 .Acrylic.8x8.$425
upload/Shadow Dance.JPG
Shadow Dance .Watercolour.15x30.$1935

     Janice Robertson     

Janice Robertson

Janice Robertson was born on Vancouver Island in 1952, into a family with a long history of women artists. She lives in the historic village of Fort Langley, BC with her artist husband, Alan Wylie.

Janice launched her career as a professional artist in 1989. She has received many awards including the Foreign Award in the Houston Watercolor Society’s Exhibition in Texas in 2004, the William and Margaret Foley Award in the Adirondacks National Exhibition of Watercolors in 2008, and she has won the Bronze Medal three times in the Federation of Canadian Artists Annual Signature Members exhibition.

Janice is a signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Landscape Artists International and the Northwest Watercolor Society. She was elected as an Artist in Residence at the annual Painters at Painters event in Campbell River BC in 2004. Janice served as President of the Federation of Canadian Artists from 1999 to 2001. She is a popular and well-respected workshop instructor.

Janice’s work is largely a reflection of her abiding love for the beauty of the west coast forests and beaches that she has known all her life. Her attachment to her home and garden are represented in her still-life paintings. She works in acrylic, watercolor and oil.

The Birthplace of B.C. Gallery has been selling Janice's paintings for more than a dozen years.

9054 Glover Road, Box 760, Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada V1M 2S2
604-882-1191 E-mail: info@bcgallery.ca
Open daily 11:00 am to 5:00 pm or by appointment

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