Heidi Lambert

upload/upload_Granville Island Ferries_jpg
Granville Island Ferries .Oil.9x12.$525

upload/upload_Along the Dikes_ Oil_ 16X16_ 895_00_JPG
Along the Dikes .Oil.16x16.$895

upload/upload_Derelict_ Oil_ 9 X 12_JPG
Derelict .Oil.9x12.$525

Maligne Lake, Spirit Island .Oil.16x20.$1250

upload/upload_Dory_s at Dock_ Oil_ 9 X12 _1__JPG
Dorys at Dock .Oil.9x12.$525

upload/upload_Spring Run Off_ 16X16 in_ Oil_jpg
Spring Runoff .Oil.16x16.$895

upload/upload_Rocky Shore 30x20 Watercolour_JPG
Rocky Shore .Watercolour.28x20.$1795
upload/Along the Alouette - 17.5x13.75 in - Watercolor.JPG
Along the Allouette .Watercolour.17.5x13.7.$1100

upload/upload_QUIET ACRES_ OIL_ 16 X 20_  _1250 _2__JPG
QUIET ACRES .OIL.16x20.$1250
upload/Sunset At Kanaka 16x10.5.JPG
Sunset at Kanaka .Watercolour.16x10.5.$925

upload/upload_On MacKenzie Beach 14x17_5 in_JPG
On MacKenzie Beach .Watercolour.14x18.$1050

upload/Basket of Apples 19x14 in.jpg
Basket of Apples .Watercolour.19x14.$1100

upload/upload_Cannon Beach_ 13X16_5 inch_  watercolor _2__JPG
Cannon Beach .Watercolour.13x17.$975.00

upload/upload_Among the Rocks _1__JPG
Among the Rocks .Watercolour.14x19.$960.00

upload/Fraser River Fishing Village WC 10x14.JPG
Fraser River Fishing Village .Watercolour.10x13.5.$875
upload/On MacKenzie Beach 14x17.5 in.JPG
On MacKenzie Beach .Watercolour.14x17.5.$1100
upload/upload_Gastown Steam Clock 1_JPG
Gastown Steam Clock .Watercolour.28x17.$1800.00

upload/Kanaka Creek 13 X 17 Watercolor.JPG
Kanaka Creek .Watercolour.13x16.5.$1125

upload/Spring Thaw 10.5x14 in.JPG
Spring Thaw .Watercolour.10.5x14.$735

 Heidi Lambert

Heidi Lambert

Heidi has been painting for over twenty years. She is an Associate Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, and a Member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour.

Although working primarily in transparent watercolours where her passions lay, she also enjoys the oil medium.  Her paintings are realistic and representational, enhanced with deep values – rich in colour.  Her subject matter is widely varied, carefully selecting subjects where light and mood are a strong factor. 

Heidi teaches workshops and adult watercolour classes through the Arts Council in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, where she resides with her family.

Heidi’s paintings have been selected in many juried exhibitions throughout Canada. She enjoys doing commission assignments on a wide variety of subject matter.

Heidi shows her work at the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery. She often does watercolour demonstrations at the Gallery including its annual “Demos in the Garden” on the B.C. Day weekend in August.

9054 Glover Road, Box 760, Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada V1M 2S2
604-882-1191 E-mail: info@bcgallery.ca
Open daily 11:00 am to 5:00 pm or by appointment

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