Brent Heighton

upload/upload_Gallery Bouquet 30x24 Acrylic_jpg
Gallery Bouquet .Acrylic.30x24.$3400
upload/upload_Hockey Night in Canada 15x30 Acrylic_jpg
Hockey Night in Canada .Acrylic.15x30.$2900

upload/upload_Parisienne Boulevard 30x30 Acrylic_jpg
Parisienne Boulevard .Acrylic.30x30.$5200

upload/Iris Splendour 40x30 in.jpg
Iris Splendour .Oil.40x30.$6500

upload/Picket Fence Lillies 30x30 in.jpg
Picket Fence Lillies .Acrylic.30x30.$4800

upload/upload_The First Kiss 36x24 _jpg
The First Kiss .Acrylic.36x24.$4400
upload/upload_Summer Marsh 30x15_jpg
Summer Marsh .Acrylic.30x15.$2900

upload/Exhuberance 28x20 in.jpg
Exhuberance .Watercolour.28x20.$2700

upload/upload_Spring Garden 1 24x24 Acrylic_jpg
Spring Garden 1 .Acrylic.24x24.$3000

upload/upload_Spring Garden 1 24x24 Acrylic_jpg
Spring Garden 2 .Acrylic.24x24.$3000

upload/Tucked Away 20x28 in.jpg
Tucked Away .Acrylic.20x28.$2850

upload/Berry Point - Gabriola 18x36 Acrylic.jpg
Berry Point - Gabriola .Acrylic.18x36.$3900

upload/The Falconers Cabin 14x18 in.jpg
The Falconer's Cabin .Acrylic.14x18.$1600
upload/Oysters at Low Tide 30x30 in.jpg
Oysters at Low Tide .Acrylic.30x30.$4800
upload/Winterland 24x30 in.jpg
Winterland .Acrylic.24x30.$3900

upload/Water Lillies 32x40 in.jpg
Water Lilies .Oil.32x40.$5500
upload/River Front Relics 20x24 in.jpg
Waterfront Relics .Acrylic.20x28.$2850

upload/Cornish Village 20x28 in.jpg
Cornish Village .Watercolour.20x28.$2850

upload/Dordogne Farmhouse 20x28 in.jpg
Dordogne Farmhouse .Watercolour.20x28.$2850

upload/Graeta Ranch 20x30 in.jpg
Graeta Ranch .Watercolour.20x30.$2900

upload/Old Country Store 21x29 in.jpg
Old Country Store .Watercolour.21x29.$2900

upload/Open Market 20x28 in.jpg
Open Market .Watercolour.20x28.$2850

upload/Patio Cafe 20x28 in.jpg
Patio Cafe .Watercolour.20x28.$2850

upload/Snowy Patterns 20x28 in.jpg
Snowy Patterns .Watercolour.20x28.$2850

upload/Towards Mud Bay 20x28 in.jpg
Towards Mud Bay .Watercolour.20x28.$2850

upload/Magnolia II 21x28 in.jpg
Magnolia II .Watercolour.21x28.$2900

upload/Magnolia I 21x28 in.jpg
Magnolia I .Watercolour.21x28.$2900
upload/Low Tide 12x16 in.jpg
Low Tide .Watercolour.12x16.$1100

upload/Whidbey House 14x20 in.jpg
Whidbey House .Watercolour.14x20.$1400

upload/Windy Bay 16x20 in.jpg
Windy Bay .Acrylic.16x20.$1600

upload/Floral Too 20x20 in.jpg
Floral Too .Watercolour.20x20.$1750

upload/Birthplace of BC Gallery 24x15 in.jpg
Birthplace of BC Gallery .Acrylic.24x15.$1800

upload/Reaching 20x11 in.jpg
Reaching .Watercolour.20x11.$1100
upload/Dry Dock 12x16 in.jpg
Dry Dock .Acrylic.12x16.$1100

upload/Drifting 10x30 in.jpg
Drifting .W/C on Board.10x30.$1295

upload/Gallery Cat Walk 15x20 in.jpg
Gallery Cat Walk .W/C on Board.15x20.$1500
upload/Dinner Can Wait 20x30 in.jpg
Dinner Can Wait .Acrylic.20x30.$3,050

Brent Heighton

Brent Heighton

Brent Heighton was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1954. At the age of five, his family relocated to a hobby farm in Pitt Meadows, a rural community in the Fraser Valley. At an early age he was known for his humorous drawings.

The family moved to southern Ontario when Brent was in high school. He quickly gained popularity for his knack of doing caricatures of his fellow students. Brent’s art teacher encouraged him recognizing that painting was his great passion.

After high school he worked at various jobs, but always painted landscape and architectural watercolours in his spare time and enrolled in arts courses at Algonquin College. In 1976 he moved back to Vancouver and studied art at Douglas College. At the same time he honed his skill of creating caricatures by setting up shop in Stanley Park along with the other artists at the entrance to the zoo. Here he was also able to sell his paintings, mostly watercolours and some oils.

Brent Heighton has now been painting fulltime for over 30 years. Brent has travelled to Europe, spending time in France, Holland, Belgium, and as far south as Greece. All the time with paints and brushes in hand, he is always looking for that inspiration just around the corner. “The difference of light in a place like Greece compared to Cornwall, England is very exciting” says Brent.

During the last few years Brent has travelled to Mexico numerous times. The architecture, the people, and the light keeps enticing Brent back, “I find Mexico helps my creative juices start to flow when I’m there and I love the colour of the light.” says Brent.

His work has won him numerous awards. He lives with his wife, Bettie, in Surrey, British Columbia. His original paintings can be found at the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery

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