Allan Hancock

upload/upload_Enjoying a Cone  ChestnutBacked Chickadee 8x8_jpg
Enjoying a Cone .Acrylic.8x8.$895

upload/upload_Hanging _Round _ Rufous Hummingbird_JPG
Hanging Around, Rufous Hummingbird .Acrylic.6x8.$750

upload/upload_Beach Walk _ Northwestern Crow_JPG
Beach Walk, Northwestern Crow .Acrylic.12x9.$1450

upload/Build and Maintain - Beaver Acrylic 9x18.jpg
Build and Maintain - Beaver .Acrylic.9x18.$1360

upload/upload_Well Noted _ Winter Wren 8x16_jpg
Well Noted-Winter Wren .Acrylic.8x16.$1450

upload/Solo Exhibition - Orca (Luna) Acrylic 15x24.jpg
Solo Exhibition - Orca (Luna) .Acrylic.15x24.$1950
upload/Peeking Great Horned Owl Study 10x6.JPG
Great Horned Owl Study .Acrylic.10x6.$795
upload/upload_Waves _ Washboard _ Bonaparte__s Gull_JPG
Waves & Washboard-Bonaparte's Gull .Acrylic.7x9.$750

upload/Daytime Dozing - Long-eared Owl 9x6.JPG
Daytime Dozing-Long-eared Owl .Acrylic.9x6.$8959

upload/Grasshopper Acrylic 6x6.jpg
Grasshopper .Acrylic.6x6.$495
upload/Superb Starling 8x8.JPG
Superb Starling .Acrylic.8x8.$795
upload/White-crowned Sparrow.JPG
White-crowned Sparrow .Acrylic.6x12.$795
upload/This Side Of The Fence - Rufous Hummingbird.JPG
This Side of the Fence - Rufous Hummingbird .Acrylic.14x7.$1100
upload/Magnolia Warbler and Pear Blossoms 6x6.JPG
Magnolia Warbler & Pear Blossoms .Acrylic.6x6.$795
upload/Harris Hawk Portrait 3.JPG
Harris Hawk .Acrylic.7.5x5.25.$650
upload/Goldfinch On Lilac 6x6.JPG
Goldfinch on Lilac .Acrylic.6x6.$795
upload/Chestnut-backed Chickadee on Foxglove 2 13x6.JPG
Chestnut-backed Chickadee on Foxglove .Acrylic.13x6.$995
upload/Winter Wren 6x6.JPG
Winter Wren .Acrylic.6x6.$795

upload/Hermit Thrush 1 5x4.JPG
Hermit Thrush 1 .Acrylic.5x4.$575
upload/upload_Killdeer Beginnings 1_JPG
Killdeer Beginnings 1 of 3 .Acrylic.4x4.$250
upload/upload_Killdeer Beginnings 2_JPG
Killdeer Beginnings - 2 of 3 .Acrylic.4x4.$225
upload/Hermit Thrush 2 4x5.JPG
Hermit Thrush 2 .Acrylic.4x5.$575
upload/Ice Time 9x16  Mallard Pair.JPG
Ice Time-Mallard Pair .Acrylic.9x16.$1295
upload/Barred Owl Acrylic 12x7.jpg
Barred Owl .Acrylic.$795



      Allan Hancock  

W. Allan Hancock

W. Allan Hancock has had a fascination with the natural world from his childhood days.  Allan spent most of his youth in Saskatchewan where abandoned homesteads and the remnants of human heritage also began to leave a lasting impression.  Today Allan continues to share these two interests, reflecting on the passing of time and our influence on this world.

Allan’s art career began in 1989 when he accepted a full-time position as a wildlife artist for a greeting card company.  He soon found gallery representation and a growing demand for his work.  Drawn to its natural beauty and abundance of wildlife, Allan moved to Vancouver Island in 1995 to pursue a self-employed art career full-time.

Allan’s artwork has been selected for numerous fund-raising projects for wildlife and habitat conservation purposes.  He is the youngest artist ever selected as Ducks Unlimited Canada’s Artist of the Year and was honoured with the Waterfowl Art Award in 1996.  His artwork is also featured on the 2005 & 2011 Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamps.

Hancock’s paintings are featured in the book, Amazing Animals: The Remarkable Things That Creatures Do, authored by Margriet Ruurs.

Allan resides in the Comox Valley with his wife Taryn and their children Ezra and Sage.

His amazing wildlife paintings can be found at the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery in Fort Langley, BC.


9054 Glover Road, Box 760, Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada V1M 2S2
604-882-1191 E-mail:
Open daily 11:00 am to 5:00 pm or by appointment

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