Al Colton

upload/Light and Shadow.jpg
Light and Shadow .Acrylic.12\x16\.$695
upload/Village 8x10.jpg
Village .Acrylic.8x10.$495

upload/The Mountain 8x10.jpg
The Mountain .Acrylic.8x10.$495

upload/Duck Pond 9x12.jpg
Duck Pond .Acrylic.9x12.$550
upload/Snow from Studio 11x14 2011.jpg
Snow from Studio .Acrylic.11x14.$595
upload/Falls of Rogie - Rothshire 11x14 2011.jpg
Falls of Rogie - Rothshire .Acrylic.11x14.$595
upload/Valley Farm Yard 12x16.jpg
Valley Farmyard .Acrylic.12x16.$695

upload/Valley View.jpg
Valley View-Mt. Baker .Acrylic.12x16.$695
upload/Beach Party.jpg
Beach Party .Acrylic.12x16.$695

upload/Mountain Stream 8x10.jpg
Mountain Stream .Acrylic.8x10.$495
upload/False Creek - Burrard Bridge 18x24.jpg
False Creek - Burrard Bridge .Acrylic.18x24.$1200

upload/Mt Baker View 11x14.jpg
Mr. Baker View .Acrylic.11x14.$595

upload/Milner Chapel 14x11.jpg
Milner Chapel .Acrylic.14x11.$595

upload/Cascade Creek, Near Mission 16x12.jpg
Cascade Creek .Acrylic.16x12.$695
upload/Whytecliffe, West Van 9x12 2010.jpg
Whytecliffe, West Van .Acrylic.9x12.$550

upload/Marinescape 8x10 2010.jpg
Marinescape .Acrylic.8x10.$495
upload/Forest Stream 11x14 2011.jpg
Forest Stream .Acrylic.11x14.$595
upload/Milner Church - Langley BC 11x14 2011.jpg
Milner Church - Langley .Acrylic.11x14.$595
upload/Alder Trees, Robertson Cres 16x20.jpg
Alder Trees .Acrylic.16x20.$995
upload/Country Church 8x10 2010.jpg
Country Church .Acrylic.8x10.$495

upload/Spring, Langley.jpg
Spring, Langley .Acrylic.8x10.$495

upload/Bromley Rock 12x16.jpg
Bromley Rock .Acrylic.12x16.$695

upload/Michaud House with Nicomekl 11x14 2011.jpg
Michaud House with Nicomekl .Acrylic.11x14.$595

upload/Fort Langley Community Hall 16x20 2010.jpg
Fort Community Hall .Acrylic.16x20.$995

upload/Fraser River Slough 8x10.jpg
Fraser River Slough .Acrylic.8x10.$495
upload/Snowy Trail 11x14.jpg
Snowy Trail .Acrylic.11x14.$595
upload/Just Around the Corner 8x10.jpg
Just Around the Corner .Acrylic.8x10.$495
upload/Pathway 12x9.jpg
Pathway .Acrylic.12x9.$550
upload/Empress Hotel 16x20 -.jpg
Empress Hotel .Acrylic.16x20.$995

upload/Otter Coop 16x20 2010.jpg
Otter Co-op .Acrylic.16x20.$995
upload/Heavy Snowfall 8x10.jpg
Heavy Snowfall .Acrylic.11x14.$495
upload/Church by Riverside 11x14 2010.jpg
Church by the Riverside .Acrylic.11x14.$595

upload/Woodbridge in Winter 11x14 2009.jpg
Woodbridge in the Winter .Acrylic.11x14.$595
upload/Across the River.jpg
Across the River .Acrylic.12x16.$695
upload/Lost in the Woods 24x36.jpg
Lost in the Woods .Acrylic.24x36.$2400
upload/River Farm 16x20 2011.jpg
River Farm .Acrylic.16x20.$995
upload/Hwy 7 Near Aggasiz 14x18 1997.jpg
Hwy 7 Near Aggasiz .Acrylic.14x18.$850
upload/Abandoned Homestead - Chilcotin 16x20 2011.jpg
River Farm .Acrylic.16x20.$995
upload/Spring Campbell Valley Farmhouse 16x20 2011.jpg
Spring Campbell Valley Farmhouse .Acrylic.16x20.$995
upload/Weathered 16x20 2008.jpg
Weathered .Acrylic.16x20.$995
upload/Steaming thru Fort Langley 16x20 2010.jpg
Steaming thru Fort Langley .Acrylic.16x20.$995
upload/Road to Terra Farms.jpg
Road to Terra Farms .Acrylic.16x20.$995
upload/Old Sheds Near Merritt 11x14.jpg
Old Sheds Near Merritt .Acrylic.11x14.$595






Al Colton

Al Colton started painting over seventy years ago at the Ontario College of Art with instruction by Group of Seven artists, Arthur Lismar and Frank Carmichael.

After studying art in 1940 and 1941, he served in the Air Force. While in the forces, he often sketched portraits of his crew mates.  His portrait work found its way into the prestigious National Gallery in Ottawa.

After the Second World War and air force duty,  Al Colton completed his art education at the Vancouver School of Art with instruction by Jack Shadbolt. Colton became an art teacher and supervisor in the Vancouver School District. 

Colton's work has been shown in the Vancouver Art Gallery. He retired from the public art scene many years ago but returned in 1998. That year, four of his paintings were featured in the award-winning book, Langley 125: A Celebration, published by the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery.

Over the years, oil paints have been replaced by acrylics. The colour palette has mellowed with age. But  Colton's work still sizzles with biting social commentary and present "more than meets the eye". His 2010 solo show "Heritage Matters" was a huge success and he continues to sell more paintings than any other artist at the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery.

The Dean of Art, Al Colton, is truly a Canadian art icon. His current works include portraits, landscapes, street scenes and still life and are exclusively sold at the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery. Al resides in Langley with his wife Esther, also a painter. 



9054 Glover Road, Box 760, Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada V1M 2S2
604-882-1191 E-mail:
Open daily 11:00 am to 5:00 pm or by appointment

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